Rocky Mountain Aardvarks


Rocky Mountain Aardvarks (RMA) is the Colorado branch of a groovy tree with roots in Brooklyn, NY.  RMA founder, Janet Casson, taught Music For Aardvarks and Other Mammals in New York. When she moved out West in May 2011, she brought the wacky and wonderful program to share with families of the Mile High City. Since its first session in the summer of 2011, RMA has grown to include Music for Aardvarks classes for infants, toddlers and preschool-aged kids.

When Janet moved from Denver in the summer of 2015, Ivy Binder and her little rocker, Warren, sought out other kid music opportunities. Nothing compared to the fun they’d had in RMA!  So, Ivy made it her mission to bring the rockin’ back to the Front Range.  She is now the owner and Cultivator of Rock for RMA and plans to share the excellent raucousness with her community and beyond!

This program brings a smart and silly, educational and entertaining, insightful and playful alternative to the Denver/Boulder kids’ music scene.  A vibrant music selection helps instill an appreciation and understanding of melody and rhythm that will linger long after the last note is played.  We make it fun—not only for children, but adults as well—by sharing original songs about the trials and tribulations of being a kid, getting to know the world around us and looking at the familiar in a new way.  We’re not just about entertaining, though that will help the learning sink in deeper.  And we’re not just about the education, though learning is fun!  The songs are original, the vibe is funky, and the time you’ll have is rockin’ good one!

Meet the Cultivator of Rock!


Ivy Binder, the Cultivator of Rock, acquired Rocky Mountain Aardvarks (RMA), the Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals provider for the Front Range, in 2016. Ivy first jammed to Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals during the Spring Semester of 2015 with her then eight-month-old son. The songs were unique, creative, catchy and very witty—so much so, that she and her husband found themselves listening to the music and singing along even when their son wasn’t around! After Ivy learned the former owner of RMA was relocating, she and her son sought out other musical enrichment parent-child classes. She quickly realized there was no comparison to the hand-clapping, toe-tapping, good time that is RMA and was determined to bring it back to the Front Range for all to enjoy again.

While Ivy doesn’t have a formal background in music, (she’s actually a recovering commercial real estate attorney!), don’t be surprised if you catch her at a stoplight singing her heart out! Her love and passion for all genres of music is evident once you see her groovin’ and shakin’ in classes— just don’t expect to see her strumming a guitar just yet! Instead, this Cultivator of Rock, wife and mommy is devoted to bringing the best and most dynamic class leaders, kids and parents together for memorable, enjoyable and rockin’ good time.

Don't Take Our Word For It

"You will listen to the music... even when your kids are not around. And unlike some other children's selections, it will not make you angry."
Jon Stewart
"My daughter loves these songs..."
Helen Hunt
"It's real music - the songs are so good!"
Page McConnell (of the band Phish)
"It's no exaggeration to say that Weinstone has changed the musical geography of kids music. As creator of the MFA classes that take place all over the country, his music has gotten thousands of tiny toes tapping."
Time Out NY Kids