Here’s What Families Are Saying About Us…

about-3Sawyer enjoys your class so much — he looks forward to it each week, he picks out special rockin’ outfits for it, and it is the one class we take that he really notices if we miss. It is also fun for parents! Dave and I find ourselves smiling all through the class and it’s a great bonding experience for the whole family to rock out together. I also think your class has helped Sawyer develop an appreciation for a whole range of music sounds, beats, instruments, and types of movement. We regularly rock out to Aardvarks CDs at home and in the car — he requests them by title! I really can’t say enough wonderful things about you and the class — I think if parents were looking for just one class for their family, this should be it — RMA incorporates music, movement, and imaginary play in a fun-loving environment. Maegan, Sawyer’s mom

Our two year old daughter LOVES going to sing, play, and dance at “Aardvarks”. The freedom within the routine of the class has been fantastic for our active and independent little girl. I highly recommend this class to anyone with young children. Melissa, Madeline’s mom

Music for Aardvarks is not your average kids’ music class: fully engaging, fun, and the music is great! There is never a dull moment, with singing (you will end up knowing all the words to the clever songs), dancing, and instruments. I started Music for Aardvarks classes with both of my children when they were babies — it’s a terrific group class activity, even for the littlest ones!Rebecca, Reuben and Ari’s mom

Rocky Mountain Aardvarks is the best music program for families!  We have tried all of the Denver area programs and, hands down, it is the most engaging, fun, and entertaining activity to do with the family.  The songs grab the interests of our infant, toddler, and both adults in the family.  We have been doing it since our youngest was 4 months old and every session is a new and fabulous experience with our kids.Ricki, Cooper and Benjamin’s mom

Rocky Mountain Aardvarks is, by far, the most enjoyable music class we have ever attended. I love how engaging the class is, it incorporates music, dancing and imaginary play. My son, Asher, looks forward to going each week and after class we listen to the Rocky Mountain Aardvarks CD in the car and he sings and giggles in the back seat. Such a great program and fun for the whole family!
Jonna, Asher’s mom

After seeing how much our son, Wyatt, enjoys his weekly music class with Brett, my husband and I decided that we had to book Rocky Mountain Aardvarks for Wyatt’s 2nd birthday party. Classes with Brett have been incredibly engaging for Wyatt, and he has progressed into a dance party/guitar strumming machine at home as well! All of the kids at Wyatt’s party were so excited when the music started, and Brett kept everyone entertained with fun songs, props and bountiful energy. Brett also gave the parents an opportunity to relax and enjoy the moments while all of the kids could rock out together — it was just a perfect combination. Thanks a million to Hank and Brett!! Wyatt’s mom

We ADORE Rocky Mountain Aardvarks!!! It was LOVE at first class! We started attending the weekly music class with Brett on Tennyson St. Brett is definitely our favorite, but all of the instructors are so much fun too. They teach enjoyable, hip, & FUNNY songs with a variety of instruments and zero pressure, BUT it is hard NOT to participate. 🙂 The vibe is instant and children and adults have a great time! We loved it SO much that we asked if Brett could play at our son’s 2nd birthday party. Rocky Mountain Aardvarks DOES Birthday Parties and other events and having Brett play at our party was the highlight. We gathered on cute, colorful rugs in our back yard—the children were in music bliss and the adults were learning how to be childlike again—it was a beautiful representation of living in the moment and enjoying music, friends, sunshine, and laughter. Every adult commented how much they loved having permission to be a child again—to just let themselves groove and enjoy the music. Whether you’re in a class or have them come to your child’s birthday party, you will be moving, grooving, laughing, and thankful for having music in your life and your child’s. Thank you Rocky Mountain Aardvarks! We Heart You! :). Mercer’s momma

Don't Take Our Word For It

"You will listen to the music... even when your kids are not around. And unlike some other children's selections, it will not make you angry."
Jon Stewart
"My daughter loves these songs..."
Helen Hunt
"It's real music - the songs are so good!"
Page McConnell (of the band Phish)
"It's no exaggeration to say that Weinstone has changed the musical geography of kids music. As creator of the MFA classes that take place all over the country, his music has gotten thousands of tiny toes tapping."
Time Out NY Kids